Friday, July 23, 2010

Crops & Calls

NEW CALL: Design Dollies Blog Hop July 23-25

Take a Hop through the Dollhouse!

Join Design Dollies for a Blog Hop starting Friday July 23rd at 8am EST until Sunday July 25th at 10pm EST, celebrating the unique individuals that make up this dynamic team of Dolls…

If you take a glance at our title bar, you’ll notice that the Dollhouse has a HUGE variety of personalities, talents, and areas of interest represented just by our Dollie selection! And each dollie pictured in our blog banner was selected to represent each Dollie at his or her finest…

So come get to know us a little better and take a stab at which dollie in the banner represents which crafty Design Dollie… And of course, there will be PRIZES!!

To begin your jaunt, start here:

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