Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Crops & Calls

NEW CALL: Forever Always DT Call

Forever Always is having a New Years Cleanout….not that we are outing the old and bringing in the new, but it is time for something fresh and new. You may have noted a few changes, each of the DT family will now have a role that they are committed to each month to create on specifically.

And we are looking to adopt… So if you think you can add something special to our family on a monthly basis we want you….

Yes it’s a DT call but one with a difference… we are looking for a Cybercrop Queens and Tutorial Queens….

·As Cybercrop Queen – it will be your responsibility to come up with the monthly topic, and at least 2 challenges with supporting inspirational layouts. You will also be required to be present in the forum during Cybercrops.
·As Tutorial Queen – it will be your responsibility to come up with the monthly topic and at least 2 layouts or examples to be posted in the forum and on our blog.
·Complete challenges
·Be active within our site, including daily posting in the forum and regular layouts in the gallery beyond your required role
·Help promote our family and site through blogs etc including advertising of your Cybercrop or Tutorial releases and all other sneak peaks.
·Have a love for our store and the products it contains you will also provide links to them when you have used them. (Although we understand that we don’t stock all products and the you will want to use other product at times….please be mindful of items we have in store when scrapping).
·Be on call for other jobs if needed when a family member is either sick or away.

·Being apart of the best online family there is.
·Online recognition as a Design Team Family Member this will include your portrait in the family album, your bio and layouts will be featured on the Forever Always Website, Forum, Gallery and Blog.
·Discounts and FA Shopping dollars for all items including our Retreats.

I would encourage all applicants to visit our website and become a part of our forum to be sure this is the Design Team for you.

To apply for one of our positions, please submit a minimum of 3 examples of your work that have never been posted on the World Wide Web or in a Magazine.

If you are applying to be a Cybercrop Queen – please send us a Theme topic and four challenges showing us your skills.

If you are applying to be a Tutorial Queen – pleases send us a Tutorial showing us your skills

In addition, please answers to the following questions, and return with your submissions.
·Name: Email address: Location:
·How would you describe your Scrapping Style?
·Would you say that you are a master of a particular technique? YES/NO If yes what technique?
·Are you or have you already been a member of a design team? – Please list companies and/or websites with links.
·Have you had your work published before? If so where and when? Can you commit to time deadlines for techniques and class contributions?
·Do you have a blog? If so, please send the link.
·If you have work in online galleries, please provide links, so that we may view more of your work.
·Are you currently active online? If so what communities and what is your Username (please proved links)
·Why are you interested in becoming a member of our design team?
·Can you jump in and help out your FA family and complete assignments with short notice if necessary?
·Tell us what commitment means to you?

Please send submissions to
Deadline for submissions on both calls is Friday, January 29, 2010
With New roles being active in February – the new adoptee’s will be announced in the February Newsletter.

Also...checkout our January Newsletter and Updates: Over on the left of our blog....
In this months newsletter you will find details on our Exclusive New Year Offer, and details on our IMPORTANT DATES
Our Challenge Queen Paula Perry inspires you with our 2010 New Year Challenge so pop on into the forum and check it all out

Our Article extrodinaire Michelle Winston plans on kicking us all into organisation with her fantastic feature on Getting Organised in 2010

Our Sketch Queen Kylene Hickey helps us kickstart out christmas photo stash with some fantastic inspiration to this wonderful double page multi photo layout in this months Monthly Sketch Challenge


Hello Again,

I hope the Christmas season was kind to you & yours! 2009 went past in a blur and the fast arrival of 2010 caught me unawares!!

Firstly I would like to say Thank so much for your support of the needy and most deserving kids that came to SCKC in 2009 . The pages you donated in 2009 helped us all create books for them that mean more to them than my simple words can ever convey. We have however had the opportunity in late 2009 to start a pilot Club program for some of the local SCKC kids and the most talked about item of camp is their memory albums. In fact across Australia the importance of the 24/7 memory anchoring of the photo books is repeated time after time via case worker, carer, social worker etc, they too find it hard to put into words what these books mean to each child.

I was hoping once again you would be kind enough to help out with basic pages for the memory albums for Kids across Australia who attend Southern Cross Kids Camps in 2010. These may be repeat campers and or new campers, new little sad souls who will benefit from our combined showing of unconditional love.

We need lots of pages again, especially pages that would suit boys or even both genders. Simple 6 x 6 pages are required with minimal stickers or embellishments. Often a set of 20 pages with a simple row of circles or triangles or a strip of patterned paper combined with a photo mat ends up looking amazing when the photos are placed along with journaling and stickers provided to the buddy's who assemble the books. I have attached a few simple examples from last years contributions. Also the link to my original request for pages to give you or your friends a reminder of what SCKC is all about.

Their website is to read some of the kids stories or check out what SCKC are all about.

If you are able to help us out please email me with your "I am in" reply and I will send out more detailed specs, if you are unable to help us out please let every scrapper you know via email, blog, face book etc that the SCKC Page drive for 2010 is on. Pages to fulfill the 2010 camps will be needed by Feb 20th. I may be a tad slow in reply with the details as we are heading away on wed the 6th but I will do everything I can to get back to you asap.

I hope your answer will be a resounding yes and on behalf of the kids of SCKC I say a huge THANKS in advance.

Kind Regards
Julie Stone

NEW CALL: Mystical Scrapbooks DT Call & January Challenges


Due to Christmas and New Year, we have extended the DT call until Monday 25th January, email me on if you would like some more information.

January Challenges

Mystical Scrapbooks January Challenges are up we have three great challenges this month
Stash challenge, Song Lyric Challenge and Inspirational Challenge
We would love it if you could join in............


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